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Very Berry

Chewy and bright, the taste is way more than berry it’s VERY berry, a berry experience beyond the ordinary. We considered “Mega Berry” and “Ultra Berry” but neither rhymed.

Honey Bliss

They say ignorance is bliss, but you can’t to ignore the sweet taste of Honey Bliss Slimful™ chews. They’re delicious and chewy and completely satisfying. Try not to roll your eyes when you taste it. We dare you.

Cocoa Brownie

When you think of brownies, do you think of eating less and losing weight? Neither did we, until we tried Cocoa Brownie Slimful™ chews. One word is all you need to completely understand its taste Yu-UM!

Orange Tangerine

Zing! Pow! If you’re looking for a wimpy flavor you won’t find it here. Orange Tangerine Slimful™ Chews hit your mouth right in the kisser with a delicious burst of oh-wow. In other words, it’s really good.