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A Week of Delicious, Gluten-Free Breakfasts

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” hundreds of times, but we wanted to remind you because it’s very true. According to a study from NPD and Morning MealScape, 1 in 10 U.S. consumers (that’s 31 million people), skip breakfast regularly. Two of the most common reasons people don’t eat breakfast is because they are too busy or running late, but it’s incredibly …Read More

Simple Suggestions for the Frequent Flyer

Having a job that requires long hours is tough enough and when you throw regular business trips into the mix, life gets even more hectic. Business travel requires a lot of time; from planning the trips and packing to long flights and layovers, having travel as a part of your routine doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Because of your jam packed schedule, your health might take a backseat …Read More

Healthy Foods your Kitchen Should Never Be Without

Routines can be boring, especially in the kitchen. Eating the same thing day after day becomes monotonous and when you do this, odds are you aren’t giving your body the variety of nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy. However, getting in the routine of keeping your kitchen supplied with a few healthy staple foods is a good thing. This can inspire you to make different nutritious meals that …Read More

Introducing Slimful™

Losing weight is easy. Just eat less, right? As if. We put men on the moon and unlocked the human genome, but refusing a piece of cake is somehow beyond our reach. Why? Because of hunger. What if you weren’t so hungry? What if you could eat less and still feel satisfied? Imagine how much easier dropping a few pounds could be. Welcome to Slimful™. Sinfully delicious, 90-calorie Slimful™ chews represent weight …Read More